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This blog was started to connect with and keep family and friends up to date on life in Texas as I know it. A place to share my love for this area through photography, history, and stories of this adventure Shaun and I call life.... and what an adventure it is!
Warning: Some or all of this blog may contain nuts or stories of nuts, proceed with caution
Love to y'all

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Great News!

Good morning all!

My sister in law Stacey called, she had her last radiation treatment!  The prognosis looks good and she will need to take a medication  daily for the next 5 years, but the radiation is OVER. 
Earlier this year she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  They preformed a lumpectomy. She then endured radiation treatments for almost 6 weeks, once a day every day. 
She still has several milestones to conquer over the next 5 years but I know getting the radiation treatments behind her is a great relief. 
Her recovery from the treatments will take a while.  I am so very grateful that she is in great physical condition and I know this will help her recovery and the healing process.

I am so very proud and touched by the strength of this family. I am amazed at Stacey's strength and determination.  She met this head on and together she and Kirby have kept life as normal as possible for the girls.   I am so very touched by Kirby's love and devotion to her through this.  Being there for every treatment he could be there for, being by her side and sharing his strength with her.

We are very grateful we got to spend time with them this summer.  To have one on one time with Stacey and the girls to get to know them better.  When you live so far away from each other and everyone is busy raising kids and taking caring of life in general, I don't think we really "get to know" each other.  Our time with them was incredible, something I will always treasure. 

                            Stacey and Jamie, East Texas  July 2011

I am reminded that we should make the effort to stay close with the people we care about in our life regularly, not just when there is a crisis to rally around.  Even if it is just a quick note that says "I am thinking of you today" it is still so very important.  We need to make sure the people we love KNOW they are important to us, KNOW how much we love them, and we aren't just assuming they know.

I want to thank everyone who kept Stacey, Kirby and the girls in their prayers through this difficult time.  GOD is good, He hears our prayers and answers them and I thank Him for being with this special family every day.   We are all truly blessed.

Stacey, I am so sorry for what you have had to go through, but I know in my heart that God was there with you, helping you along the way.

Way to go girl.........YOU ARE SURVIVOR! 

Remember to tell someone today how special they are to you.  You don't need a reason to do it, just DO IT!

Love to all,

No Rain....No Rainbows



Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Death of a salesman

"It is with a tear in my eye and raised blood pressure that I announce the passing of Mr. INTERNET at our new home. He was only with us for 1 week when his constant buffering, loading and lack of working caused his demise. His passing almost resulted in the death of the salesman and the installer who lied about the quality of the service I would receive from Hughes Net. His pallbearer will be the FEDEX man that comes to pick up his remains from the front porch.
He will be replaced as soon as possible with someone who values the true meaning of connection. In his absence, preforming the duties he did so poorly, will be his distant cousin 3G on the iPad.
His passing leaves us with a void in our life and a dust ring on the desk where his router sat while not working. He has deprived us of a connection to the outside world and hours of non stop Gunsmoke and NCIS reruns.
He will not be missed.... we will persevere"

Please send concerns and condolences to Hughes Net, your family, friends, neighbors and any or all ratings and review websites, so that no other family has to endure this trauma.
Disclaimer: no one was harmed during this event, only unplugged

"No Rain....No Rainbows"

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

It worked!

Good morning!

I have to tell you about a great website called pinterest. I am totally addicted. It is like a big bulletin board. People post everything from craft ideas, recipes, gardening, and fashion to the latest tech stuff. You have to take a look if you haven't already.
Go to www.pinterest.com I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I have gotten some great recipes and even some awesome design ideas for the new house.

One of the things I saw there last week suggested a used dryer sheet to remove water spots from glass. I am the original skeptic so assumed there had to be a catch. OH MY GOSH it worked!
See before we moved into the pool house the boys used the shower here after hunting and Shaun after working. Sounds weird I know but when you work outside here you end up soaking wet from the humidity, NOT how you want to drive home. Talk about cleaning out your pores.
Anyway, needless to say the clear glass shower door had never been wiped down and wow the spots were bad. I cleaned it but still some spots remained. :( and then I remembered the dryer sheet idea. It worked awesome and the glass shower is crystal clear! I love when things work and with no residue, smelly chemicals or expense.

Have I mentioned recently how blasted HOT it is here? It was 108 here from 1:00 to 6:00 yesterday. Today is supposed to be even hotter, tomorrow even hotter than today. UGH. The NWS has issued a heat advisory, I assume because we are "lucky" enough to have humidity today. (Sorry, the heat has made my sarcasm level rise ALOT)

I am off to Jeremy's house, before it gets too hot, to make a shopping list for light fixtures, door and cabinet hardware, and closet stuff.
He is getting SO close to finished. Exciting!!!

Take care and stay cool
To my Colorado and Utah family and friends...cool your feet in the creek for me.

Love to all
"No Rain....No Rainbows"

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Hi all!

Woohoo! We are finally reconnected..ish!
We now have satellite internet, sometimes faster than what we had before, most times not so much.  I am having a little trouble steaming Netflix and other things so if you have any suggestions please let me know.  Hughesnet assures me I should be able to do it "with ease".  Maybe their definition of "with ease" varies from mine. 

The move went well and we are almost recuperated.  The dogs are still a bit confused and keep running to the car to "go home" when ever we let them out. 
Poor babies.

Jeremy is just about 2 weeks +/- from being in his new home.  I will be sure to give you the grand tour when it is complete.  Shaun has been tiling like a mad man to get the bathrooms ready and seems to spend alot of time on the phone scheduling the next subcontractor. Everyone has done such a nice job and been so easy to work with.  Last week they hooked up the A/C unit and Shaun is one happy camper!  Working in this heat was killing him.

Our little temporary house, aka the pool house, is pretty cozy with us and 3 dogs.  Molly, Jeremy's BIG lab is living with us until his house is complete, Yikes! Such a big, sweet, hairy girl  ;)
Jeremy has gone to stay with friends. (smart guy)  Not sure what we would do without his friends Jaques and Lauren.  They are always there for Jeremy.  Good people!  

Thought I would share the sunrise from our front patio yesterday.  This will be the view from the front door of the house when it is built.  

I took the picture with my phone so it isn't very clear, but have since located my good camera and am ready just in case it happens again...and I KNOW it will  :D  

It is still HOT out, very very HOT!  It looks like fall outside already.  The trees and beautiful East Texas green foilage are dieing from lack of moisture and too much heat.  Not sure we will get much of a fall this year in terms of color but I am still anxiously awaiting the season and cooler temperatures. 

Love to all
More to follow

"No Rain...No Rainbows"

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Hi all,
Last night we had an unexpected visitor. Herbert, one of the resident patio toads came IN to see us.  I opened the door to let the dogs out last night and just as I did in came Herbert! He was on my foot and across the floor very quickly,  {{shudder}}  I can't say that I blame him it was still 100 degrees outside last night at 10:00 wouldn't you head for the air conditioned house? 
(BTW Will someone please turn the heat down?) 
Regardless of how hot it is, NO TOADS IN MY HOUSE!   I screamed, Shaun and Jeremy didn't even flinch, in fact their eyes never moved from the TV!  They assumed it was the dog yipping, REALLY? apparently I have GOT to work on my screaming skills!  Anyway, I finally got their attention, and between Jeremy, the three dogs and the cat going after the toad we had quite a little toadeo in the kitchen!  Shaun never missed a single minute of TV and the toad is safe and back out on the patio where he belongs.  All is well and thank you Jeremy ;)

        Herbert ~~ a face only a mother could love

I am off to pack more boxes and prepare for the movers Saturday.  I hope the people buying our house will take good care of Herbert.  How can you not love that face?

A little thought for the day ~~
Are you the kind of person you would want to get to know?

Love to all,

"No Rain...No Rainbows"

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just two minutes

Good morning all!
I have just about 2 minutes to update everyone on what's going on.
As you all know we sold the house on Karah Lane and our scheduled moving date was August 19.  Monday night the realtor called and asked if we could be out by Friday!! Yikes!  The people who are buying the house are paying cash and living in a camper, and they are excited.  SOOO
We started packing and hauling like two people possessed!  The movers will be here for the furniture Saturday.  What a whirlwind!  BUT as I am sure most of you are aware it's how our life is and has been for years, and how we seem to function best.  God help us

I will update you as I can and will be emailing our new address to everyone soon.
I am also going to use the blog to update you on our construction progress on the new house.  Shaun has framers scheduled to start on September 15.  Exciting!

3 1/2 days of moving left to go and the Excedrin is flowing freely!  HA!

It's how we roll!

Love to all 

"No rain....No Rainbows" 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Thanks Mom!

Today's post is dedicated to my mom.  I am currently very "mom sick".  I need to make a trip to Colorado soon and get a mom fix.  Besides getting to spend time with an amazing woman, she spoils me rotten with her pampering and cooking.  THE best fried chicken ever!  German Chocolate cake from scratch, beautiful golden dinner rolls, lasagna, Boston cream pie...the list is just too long, but trust me everything that comes out of her kitchen is down right amazing!  Everything tastes better when your mom makes it for you.

Today I owe her a great big thank you! 49 years ago she brought me into this world.  Over the years she has taught me what unconditional love truly means, what being gracious is and how important it is to have God in our life.  She is the perfect example of honesty, kindness, and caring.  I can only hope to be the amazing person that she is.  No matter what, good or bad she is always there for me. PLUS I figure anyone who can put up with and support my constantly changing/moving life and my ongoing pursuit of trying to figure out "what I am going to be when I grow up" deserves a medal!  HA!

Thanks MOM, you ROCK!

Not so sure my sisters are too thrilled she brought me home!


Today I am thankful for so many things.  I am thankful that I GET to be 49 when so many have had to leave this earth too soon.  Thankful for all of my family and extended family.  Thankful for the incredible people that have crossed my path that I am proud to call my friends.  
So many people dread birthdays, dread getting one year older.  NOT ME!  Without birthdays there would be no birthday cake.  SO I say bring it on!

I am truly blessed 

"No Rain...No Rainbows"


Saturday, August 6, 2011

What have you done?

Hi all!

As most of you know I love my guys!  My dear hubby and 2 sons are the center of my world. I am so proud of all of them! However, I will admit that there has been more than one occasion in their life and in 31 years of marriage when they have caused me to have this very thought "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?"  Hopefully this will give you some insight on one of those WHYD moments and why a little faith goes a long way.

We moved to East Texas from Colorado on faith alone.  We didn't know anyone, no immediate job to go to, in fact I hadn't even seen the house we had purchased until the day we moved in.  I know, brave huh? We were so drawn to this area it is unexplainable.
See my guys had come here to hunt and had gotten lost and saw this house they loved. (We had no idea 3 months later it would become our home)  They LOVED East Texas at first sight!  Our house in CO sold very unexpectedly and suddenly we needed a place to live and Shaun thought Texas was the place to be.  BUT  Was the house he (they) loved still available?  Good news, it was... we made an offer on the house, within 2 hours the offer was accepted, and within 24 hours we had sent the necessary documents and check over night. 
We had just bought a house in Texas, site unseen!! 
The drive from our house in Colorado was 1602 very long miles, with 2 dogs, 2 cats, a HUGE UHaul truck pulling a trailer and my car all stuffed full!  Both boys would make the move about 6 weeks later.
After that many hours in the car I was getting pretty anxious to see the house.  The country road you have to take to get to Karah Lane is...well...let's just say NOT that hot.  In my exhausted state I remember thinking "Boys... what have you done". 
THEN we turned onto Karah Lane.....it was like being in a whole other world.  14 beautiful brick homes set in the woods, all with manicured yards and fall decorations on every porch and front door.  I must say it was almost magical.  Picture perfect! 
We pulled into the driveway, (I am sure we looked like the Grapes of Wrath meet The Clampits) took a VERY deep breath and after peeling ourselves out of the car it was truly time to see "what they had done".  LET ME TELL YOU  they DID GOOD!  What a beautiful home in a beautiful neighborhood that we would soon find out was full of the most amazing friends and neighbors we had ever meet.

In CO we had always lived out in the country. We had not had trick or treater's in 20 years. SO when the neighborhood kids from Karah Lane came all dressed up for trick or treat just after we moved in, it was pretty exciting!  Not sure who was more excited me or them, but such a great memory.

Well....last week we sold our home on Karah Lane and will soon start another adventure in a little place called New Hope, Texas.  I will always cherish every memory Karah Lane has given us. BUT will cherish the friends I have made here even more. Ok  a little FYI,  New Hope is only 12 miles north of Karah Lane but I am having a little trouble with it....

This neighborhood and it's incredible people helped me heal in a way I didn't think possible, they renewed my faith in people and even helped me renew the commitment to my beliefs and my faith in general. I need a whole new post to tell you about these people so I will save that for the future. 

I will always have a soft spot for Karah Lane and will never forget that day in the fall when we rounded that corner and saw what turned out to be a life changing experience for us. 

.......and to my Guys....y'all did good! 

   George Michael said it best... Well you gotta have Faith Faith Faith

YES it is still blistering HOT in TEXAS!  I am trying to have a little faith that this has to end soon!

Love y'all
"No rain...No rainbows"

Thursday, August 4, 2011

How hot is it?

Y'all thought I had disappeared again didn't you? Nope!  Just had some exciting changes in the works.  More on those later. 

Remember my post a while ago about the weatherman calling our heat wave "oppressive"?  Well at the time I thought they were being a bit over dramatic.  Turns out they weren't dramatic enough!  IT IS HOT PEOPLE! 

We have practically broken every heat record in East Texas since 1903.  35+ consecutive days over 100 with 45+ days over 100 so far in the year.  We even broke a record for having a new high low.  Yes, I said high low....we had the highest low temperature of the day recorded since 1903 at 87 degrees.  Last night at 10:00 it was still 102dgrs.  Looking at the forecast there seems to be no relief coming anytime soon.  Besides the unrelenting heat, we have had very little rain.  East Texas is now something like 27 inches below our normal rainfall for the year.  Everything is burning up.  (For those of you not familiar with East Texas it is typically lush green with alot of beautiful thick wooded areas)  This weather can be expected in barren West Texas but not beautiful green East Texas.

They said on the news last night it hasn't been this dry and hot since the dust bowl in the 1930's.  Scary scary for the farmers and ranchers.  It could be REALLY scary when I get my power (A/C) and water bill.  Regardless of where you are located while reading this...you WILL hear me gasp when those bills arrive.

A friend sent me this picture and it about sums up the whole rain situation in East Texas.   

                                     "Texas Rain Gauge"

WOW! Did you hear that? WELL that was ME panicking!  No I didn't get my power bill yet, the power went out, OUT I tell you!!   
No power = No Air Conditioning   
As they say in Texas ~~ "Lord have mercy I liked ta died"   (say that with a twang and it sounds A LOT more dramatic)  ;-)  Thankfully, it came back on within a couple minutes, hallelujah!

Where ever you are I hope you are enjoying cool breezes and afternoon showers. Leave me a comment and tell me what the weather is like at your house so if this heat doesn't let up soon I will know where I will be vacationing until October.  ;-)

Note to self:  There is something to be thankful for everyday.    Today I will be thankful for family and friends that love me  {{hugs}} to them all

"No Rain...No Rainbows"