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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Route 66

My photo of the day was taken some time in the early 1940's. It is one of my favorite photos of my Grandfather, (my dads dad). I found this photo about 5 years ago when we were moving. I'm not sure where I got it or how it ended up in that box I was unpacking, but it was there. Maybe a little "gift" from my Grandmother. *wink*

The caption under the photo, in my Grandmothers handwriting, said "Our Filling Station" Stroud, Okla Marshall E Johnson (my grandfathers name). What a treasure.

This is their "filling station" in Stroud Oklahoma

That is my Grandfather dressed in white, complete with bow tie and cap, ready to fill'er up with Ethyl for .15. Ethyl...I love that. I remember my dad pulling into a station saying "fill'er up with Ethyl" I also remember him grumbling because it was up to .49 a gallon, that was in the early 70's What would he think now?

The large sign says "You Can Pay More but You Can't Buy Better". In the lower left of the picture is a triangle sign that says "spuds .29 a pack". At first I thought this was advertising potatoes, but potatoes were a lot less than .29 in the 1940's. After a little research I discovered it was advertising cigarettes. I found the label and this advertising page on line.

Fastidious People....My how times have changed

It wasn't until I started researching Stroud and the cigarette label that I found out this filling station was on Historic Route 66! I LOVE the nostalgia that goes with Route 66. Imagine my excitement to find out that my family was actually a part of that!!!

Shaun and I took a trip down Route 66 to Stroud, Oklahoma. The building is not there anymore. However, one of the older townsmen recognized it, and treated us to some wonderful reminiscing. We left a copy of this picture with the Stroud Historical Society. I am happy to say it hangs in the Chamber of Commerce office in Stroud.
I urge you to take a trip down memory lane soon, and remember to never forget where you came from....ever.

AND If you ever get a chance, be sure to....
Get your kicks on Route 66

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Sunday, June 3, 2012


I love baseball! I have ever since my Grandpa Johnson took us to a Houston Astros game one summer when I was 12. I used to love to go to the Dodgers games in LA and do love the Texas Rangers, BUT little league is still my favorite to watch.

Shaun and I were both involved in little league for 4 years. It made for some great memories. We ate, drank and slept baseball when we lived in California. The boys started playing in February and usually didn't finish until October. It was exhausting but incredible.
Last week we were invited to a t-ball game. You know I can't pass that up, and of course the camera had to go with us. I really need more experience with sports photos and what a great place to practice.

I thought I would share with you what determination looks like.

Good job J! Way to keep your eyes on the ball!

Run J run! Yay he scored!

J is very good at sliding

In case you aren't familiar with 5 year olds and baseball, there is an unwritten rule (that only they know) that they all HAVE to slide at any and all opportunities. *wink*
They are all so cute and SO very serious.

J is a very determined, very sweet, very well mannered boy. He always greets us when we get there and then thanks us for coming, what a nice boy. He has great parents and role models in his life. Refreshing
We loved getting to be a part of his baseball games. Thanks Sam for thinking of us.

Summer and baseball....what could be better!

Love and miss y'all
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