Why I am here

This blog was started to connect with and keep family and friends up to date on life in Texas as I know it. A place to share my love for this area through photography, history, and stories of this adventure Shaun and I call life.... and what an adventure it is!
Warning: Some or all of this blog may contain nuts or stories of nuts, proceed with caution
Love to y'all

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Good Bye Blog

Hi all!
I have made a HUGE decision. O.K. it is not THAT huge but it is important.
This will be my last blogpost on it's a simple little blog.
By January 30 it's a simple little blog will be getting the axe. That was kind of brutal wasn't it? I am not dissappearing completely, just simplifying life a bit.
I will still be posting on my Brick Road Photo blog. It is my hope that if I only have one blog I might actually post on it. Hey, a girl can dream....
Currently I manage two webpages, an online photo gallery, Etsy shop and three facebook pages. Since these are all connected to our businesses I decided axing one of them was probably not the best idea. SO the personal blog get's it!!

I have come to realize that I live through pictures. I feel like every FB post, blogpost, and email I write is naked without a picture. SO the Brick Road Photo Blog seems like the perfect place to share what I need to share.
To those of you that have been sweet enough to read my blog, THANK YOU! You have helped me justify all of the time I have spent talking to myself. *wink*
I do hope you follow me over to www.brickroadphoto.blogspot.com
you can also link to the blog through my website www.brickroadphoto.com
OR see my photo galleries at www.brickroadphoto.smugmug.com
Wow! I am starting to see a pattern here.....
Love to all of you....see you on the other side blog
HA! You thought I was going to forget a picture of some kind didn't you?

Good bye - love y'all

Friday, January 11, 2013


Happy New Year!
I am not a resolution maker, so I will spare you that "canned" blog post today. I do however try to think about and implement the steps that I can take to improve myself and my little corner of the world.
Confuscious said "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"
Here are a few of the steps I plan on taking in 2013

I will strive to see the beauty in all things

I will cherish and preserve the past

I will make an effort to take better care of myself

I will remember and practice these two little words

I will pray more

I will play more

I will live each step

I wish each of you a wonderful 2013. Full of love and friendship. Remember to take it one step at a time. Cherish the moment
Love and miss y'all