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This blog was started to connect with and keep family and friends up to date on life in Texas as I know it. A place to share my love for this area through photography, history, and stories of this adventure Shaun and I call life.... and what an adventure it is!
Warning: Some or all of this blog may contain nuts or stories of nuts, proceed with caution
Love to y'all

Thursday, April 11, 2013

...hello blog

Helloooo Blog!!
I have missed you!
In January I officially said goodbye to this blog.  I had decided that life needed to be simplified so something had to go.  The blog got the axe!   I was posting on this blog and then my business blog and since I am obsessed with pictures it felt like I was sharing all of the same info and pics twice.... crazy!    SO I will post family updates and misc stuff  here and include links to more pictures on Brick Road Photo. The majority of my photography will be posted on Brick Road Photo.  Hopefully this will help me stay a little more focused (photo pun intended) 

If you would like to see who or what I am "shooting" this week click on over to my photo blog. This month I am sharing my new obsession, street photography. There are some pretty interesting and unique people out there!    www.brickroadphoto.blogspot.com 

Here is a quick recap of our year so far.

We had a great Christmas with Robert and Jeremy and SNOW!

On Valentines day Jessica and I spent the day exploring Nacogdoches.  It is the oldest town in Texas and full of wonderful old businesses and historical places including an amazing old cemetery.   I will share more on this trip later since I have TONS of pics (imagine that) *wink*
Also in February NIK was born.  He and I are having a lot of fun adventures and are in the process of writing a digital children's book.  Be sure to check him out.  He WILL make you smile   http://brickroadphoto.blogspot.com/2013/02/meet-nik.html
Spring started to arrive late February.  The daffodils were amazing this year and we got to share them with Colleen and Roger! It was so great to get to spend some time sharing the beautiful area we live in with them.  We are so blessed to have such an amazing family.  
 And of course NO spring is complete without a trip through the azalea trail in Tyler. Stunning!
March took us to New Orleans.  It was amazing! More pictures and a post specific to "Nawlins" will follow. So much to see and share.
We had a very nice Easter.  We got to spend it with Robert, Christina and her two little ones.  The kids are Alexis(8) and AJ (3).  It was so much fun to have little ones in the house for Easter.  The little guy, AJ,  wasn't feeling well and slept most of the day so no pics of him yet.   Maybe next time.
So that is our Texas life in a nutshell (or blogpost)
Love and miss all of you